Welcome to the nerd bar!
All drinks are served with style!
It took a while building the periodic table of the elements out of wood plates, but it is was worth it
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"Spin complex – stirred not shaken!"
our staff
The "Alpha Helix" also known as Cosmopolitan

Graduation Project SCIUS

My Graduation Project: SCIUS – die Beweisbar. „Beweis“ means „proof“. Welcome to the bar for nerds, geeks and all wanna-be’s! Our drinks are served in reaction vessels and our staff walks around in lab coats. Don’t miss nerd nights on thurdays. Whoever walks in the door with their nerd glasses on, gets their first test tube (aka short) for free! On four days a week you can learn something new about biology, chemistry, maths and physics! And check out our cocktails – we don’t serve Cosmo’s, we serve Alpha Helices! To help unterstand our drinks, we have a little booklet, in which we give you some answers!